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Thursday, August 10, 2006


Are you watching the new feed?

There were a few problems with the new site's feed which were causing on some occasions users to be directed to the old feed.

Just in case you were affected - the new feed URL is

Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Wordpress transition complete

Quick post: as of today I basically consider this blog's transition to Wordpress complete. From today, this old home is only home to the archived dusty posts, which have been copied to the new home anyway.

So please update your bookmarks and feed readers if you haven't - blogging happens on now

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


It's official - I'm moving to WordPress

I've decided that this blog is moving to a more permanent home. The idea was that in time, I have a kind of 'personal homepage' which not only includes/links to my blog, but also links to all my other places where I am on the web. Blogger doesn't really give you the flexibility to do so, and having used the Wordpress admin tool from my blogging experiences at Gizbuzz and liking it, I thought I'd move. WP also gives you a much larger feature set than Blogger and I have the freedom of hosting on a server I control too.

So, from now on, this blog's URL is Please update any bookmarks etc. you might have.

Also, the new RSS feed URL is, so update your feed readers as well.

There are a few teething problems at the moment; not all of the sidebar links etc. have been migrated, but in time, this URL will become deserted, as all new posts will be on the new URL.

So please visit now and wish me luck for success in the final stages of the move!

Monday, June 19, 2006


Fear, uncertainty and doubt about Linux - no longer

Just found a great page which clears up a lot of myths and untrue allegations made about Linux and the open source software movement in general. If you're unsure about Linux for whatever reason, then read it.

I'm not trying to say 'Linux is for everybody and does everything' here. It's not and it doesn't. However, for a basic web/email/office suite workstation, Linux will suffice. And servers... don't get me started. Linux (or in fact any Unix-based platform) is awesome for servers, in my opinion. But that is only my opinion. Draw your own conclusions.

Thursday, June 15, 2006


Vista, exams and GRUB woes

I've been doing yet more blogging about Vista. I'm going absolutely mad about writing reviews of each and every bit of Vista, and this time I've looked at some of the bundled applications included with the OS. Have a look, you know you want to.

Exams are finally beginning to come towards the end, just three more to go and I'll be able to get on with a bigger project that should contribute significantly to my MacBook. More on that story as it happens...

And finally, to GRUB. So I installed Windows Vista Beta 2 over XP on my main system. You know that much. Well, as I said, Vista very diligently destroyed my previous dual-boot configuration when it installed.

So I needed to run Fedora again so I could reinstall the bootloader and get dual-boot wonderness back and running. So I tried booting from the Fedora disc. It detected the installation, but wouldn't let me boot into it, only upgrade or reinstall.

I tried the SUSE 9.0 disc, which I know lets you boot an existing Linux system, to no avail. I was just left with a blank screen. So I gave up on that and decided I would need to run GRUB manually to kick Fedora into action. I found this tutorial about putting GRUB on a USB stick, but unfortunately it was written for Solaris and I'm not quite geeky enough yet to be bothered to modify it to my needs.

Then I found the official page on how to put GRUB on a CD-R. So I booted a Live Linux distro, followed the instructions and made an .iso, which I saved to a FAT partition. But, being in a Live distro, I couldn't burn the disc, because obviously the OS had to be run from there. And I only have one optical drive...

So I rebooted into Vista. Vista didn't have a built-in option for burning CDs, so I tried the freeware CDBurnerXP (that's free not Free), which didn't like Vista and couldn't detect my DVD-+RW drive.

So eventually, I used another computer to burn the disc. I booted and entered the commands GRUB needed to boot Fedora, and found it wouldn't work. It had some problem and then the kernel refused to continue.

Finally, after some Googling I found that you needed to use a Fedora-specific kernel argument to kick the kernel into action, and I booted in. After which, I had an exam to go to...

And if you're interested, I needed to use:

root (hd0,6)
kernel /boot/vmlinuz ro root=LABEL=/
initrd /boot/initrd

Don't be fooled - I symlinked vmlinuz and initrd so you'll probably need to press tab to see the list of possibilities and choose the appropriate and matching kernel and initrd. And don't forget to substitute (hd0,6) with your disk and partition number.


Tuesday, June 13, 2006


My Vista Aero article on Digg

My Vista article about the Aero user experience is on Digg. Check it out, and Digg it please!


More Vistablogging

Hey, that should be a new blog-related word. Check out my latest look at the Vista Aero User Interface and all its merits and disadvantages here.

I'll even give you a screenshot.


More Vista Beta experiences

Today I did something rather rash. Well, actually it wasn't that rash because I backed everything up first. I decided to delete Windows XP from my main computer and install Vista.

Of course, Vista drove right over my dual-boot configuration as usual, so I'm going to have to resurrect that at some point.

The Aero UI is beautiful especially with my Geforce 6600 GT, but I did run into a bit of a problem. My monitor is a CTX VL950 19" CRT. No OS I've yet used automatically recognises the monitor settings, except Fedora Core 5 Linux if you give it some help identifying the model.

For XP, I had to get the monitor drivers from CTX to run at above 60 Hz, which is important on a CRT. Unfortunately, these drivers failed to install on Vista.

To cut a long story short, I needed a way to override the refresh rate for the monitor but I kept being greeted with a greyed-out tickbox to allow override. The solution was this:

Be warned: If you use this method and choose something your monitor doesn't support, it might stop working, so I accept no responsibility for anything you do here.

Hope this helps someone...

Monday, June 12, 2006


First look at Windows Vista Beta 2

Just finished a mammoth post about Windows Vista Beta 2. It's kind of a semi-review about my first experiences now that I've got the beta.

Read it now.